A Study of Virtual Museum Simulation Platform Based on 2.5D Architectural Modeling Technology


Longwei LI;


College of Information and Technology,Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University;


With the application of virtual reality technology to realize interactive display of virtual museum as content of study,we analyze the problems in the current virtual museum system.Taking Daqing Museum for example,we develop a 2.5D(between 2D and 3D) architectural modeling technology,and combine it with virtual reality technology,to create the virtual museum simulation platform.By establishing the virtual simulation platform of Daqing Museum,we verify the feasibility of using 2.5D architectural modeling technology to build the virtual museum system,create a virtual simulation platform with practical value,and show the bright future of virtual museum based on 2.5D virtual reality technology.


2,5D;;Virtual museum;;Simulation platform;;Virtual reality technology