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Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Dynamics
Comprehensive IF:0.576
Combined IF:3.809
Proceedings of the CSEE
Comprehensive IF:3.101
Combined IF:3.823
Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument
Comprehensive IF:2.154
Combined IF:3.837
Journal of Aeronautical Materials
Comprehensive IF:1.213
Combined IF:3.844
Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering
Comprehensive IF:2.036
Combined IF:3.881
Journal of Mechanical Engineering
Comprehensive IF:1.421
Combined IF:3.886
Rock and Soil Mechanics
Comprehensive IF:1.669
Combined IF:3.904
Chinese Journal of Ship Research
Comprehensive IF:0.757
Combined IF:3.910
Journal of Building Structures
Comprehensive IF:1.031
Combined IF:3.911
Optics and Precision Engineering
Comprehensive IF:1.758
Combined IF:3.915
China Journal of Highway and Transport
Comprehensive IF:1.598
Combined IF:3.917
Electric Power
Comprehensive IF:1.177
Combined IF:3.920
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