Empirical Study on Relationship between Income Structure and Consumption of Rural Residents in Jiangsu


Wei ZHANG;Xiejun CHENG;Jiangsu Maritime Institute;Jiangsu Second Normal University;


Jiangsu Maritime Institute;Jiangsu Second Normal University;


After the Chinese economy enters a new era,there has been significant changes in the pull of consumption,investment,and import and export for the economic growth,and consumption has gradually become the main driving force of economic growth. The core factor influencing the consumption is income,so it is particularly important to study the impact of income and its structure on the consumption. Based on the relevant data of Jiangsu's income and its structure and consumption in 1992-2018,using Granger causality test and other methods,we built an econometric model,and made an empirical analysis on the relationship between the two,and finally came up with conclusions and recommendations.


Income structure;;Consumption;;Granger causality test


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