Treatment Effect of Pig Manure-derived Biochar-based Metal Catalyst for Pig Breeding Wastewater


Zhijun ZHANG;Yijue GAO;Jiangcheng SHU;Jiawei HU;Department of Architectural and Environmental Engineering,Huaide College,Changzhou University;School of Environmental & Safety Engineering;


Department of Architectural and Environmental Engineering,Huaide College,Changzhou University;School of Environmental & Safety Engineering;


[Objectives]To treat pig farm wastewater and solve the problem of pollution caused by it to surface water or groundwater. [Methods] Fe and Zn/biochar( AC) was prepared by dipping method using pig manure-derived biochar as carrier. The preparation conditions were investigated,and the screened metal-loaded biochar was characterized. Pig farm waste water was treated with metal-loaded biochar-H_2O_2 catalytic oxidation method. [Results]At the COD concentration of 2 904 mg/L,0. 02 g Zn/AC and 0. 005 mL H_2O_2 showed the highest COD removal rate( qe) from pig breeding wastewater under conditions of reaction time of 8 h,pH value of 7 and temperature of 55 ℃,reaching 70. 98%. [Conclusions]Fe or Zn-loaded biochar made from pig manure-derived activated carbon has a certain catalytic capacity for the actual oxidation treatment of pig farm wastewater. The activity of Zn/AC was higher,and its COD removal rate from pig farm wastewater was also higher.


Pig manure;;Metal-loaded biochar;;Hydrogen peroxide;;Catalytic oxidation;;Pig farm wastewater


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