Tillage Effect and Development Prospect of Fenlong Farming Tools with "Drill"


Benhui WEI;Cash Crops Research Institute,Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences;


Cash Crops Research Institute,Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences;


In this paper,farming and crop cultivation effects of farming tools with " drill" which are invented independently in China are clarified firstly,containing horizontal cutting of soil,super deep ploughing,deep loosening and not disturbing soil layer,granular soil,soil not easy to bond and harden,and one-time land preparation. It is a significant path to deeply develop and use the " five natural resources" not fully utilized by human beings( soil resources at plough bottom and below,saline-alkali land,natural rainfall,solar energy,oxygen) and realize " mitigation" of five natural disasters( flood,drought,high temperature,low temperature and climate warming). In the past 10 years,the farming tools have been applied in 40 kinds of crops in 26 provinces of China. Compared with vertical breaking of soil by traditional " plow",the amount of loose soil,water storage and dissolved oxygen in cultivated land increased by more than one time,and yield increased by 10%-50%. They have been applied in transformation of saline-alkali land in 10 provinces,and yield increased by 30%-150%. After Fenlong treatment for 1 and 2 years,biomass of sugarcane increased by 68. 9% and 50. 1% respectively. Net photosynthetic rates of Gramineous crops were improved by 6. 82%-11. 94%,while net photosynthetic rates of Legume crops were improved by 20. 32%-32. 08%. After " spiral drill", " vertical two-knife drill", " vertical three-knife drill" and other hollow series of Fenlong farming toolss were invented newly. They were the most advanced farming tools with large soil discharge and small resistance,and could be equipped in large-,medium-and small-size modern Fenlong agricultural machinery as key technology,thereby setting up a new " standard stalk" for world agricultural reform and bringing benefit to mankind.


Farming tools with "drill";;"Drilling" farming;;Transformation of saline-alkali land;;"Five increases and five decreases";;Increasing production and improving quality;;Fenlong technique


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