Report on Screening Test of Dazhou Superior Ramie Germplasm Resources


Yaling LI;Zhonggang CUI;Yun GOU;Zhaoxia TANG;Yan YANG;Wenmei WU;Zhonghua ZHANG;Sichuan Dazhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences;


Sichuan Dazhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences;


[Objectives] To promote the development of the ramie industry in Dazhou City of Sichuan Province and provide a material basis for the breeding of new ramie varieties. [Methods] The Institute of Bast Fiber Crops of Dazhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences performed a screening test of excellent ramie germplasm resources from 2017 to 2019 to compare the growth,resistance,raw fiber yield and fiber fineness of the experimental materials. [Results] All the experimental materials showed strong growth potential,drought resistance and disease resistance. There were 8 kinds of resources with a fiber fineness greater than 2 000 m/g,of which 3 kinds of resource materials had a fiber fineness greater than 2 300 m/g; 12 kinds of resources has the raw fiber yield exceeding the control and 10 kinds of resources had the raw fiber yield ≥2 000 kg/ha; 3 kinds of resources met the requirements of the high-yield and high-quality indicators( fiber fineness exceeding 2 000 m/g and raw fiber yield ≥ 2 000 kg/ha),they were BD0718,BD1614 and BYL2. [Conclusions] These high-quality ramie resources can provide a rich resource base for the breeding of new ramie varieties.


Ramie;;Germplasm resources;;Growth potential;;Resistance;;Raw fiber yield;;Fiber fineness


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