Conservative Breeding of Debao Pony in Nanning,Guangxi


Qisheng YANG;Kejun LIU;Shuwei CAO;Zihao WANG;Zhengyu CHEN;Chunhua HUANG;Lu GAN;Animal Husbandry Research Institute of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region;


Animal Husbandry Research Institute of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region;


[Objectives] The development of Guangxi Debao pony is very slow,and its quantity and quality have dropped sharply. In order to reduce the deterioration of breeds and the loss of excellent genetic stallions,this study was conducted. [Methods]Modern biological reproduction technology was adopted to protect,breed,develop,purify and rejuvenate the germplasm resources of Debao pony,and a conservation farm was constructed for Debao pony to speed up the development of the industrialization of ponies. [Results] Debao pony is characterized with strong disease resistance and strong adaptability to other places,and the growth indicators are basically consistent with the origin,which is conducive to market promotion. [Conclusions]The start of Guangxi Debao pony ex-situ conservation project will accelerate the development of pony industrialization,and it has particularly important practical significance.


Debao pony;;Ex-situ;;Feeding;;Experiment


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