Effect of C/N Ratio on DHA Production by Schizochytrium sp.JN-3 and Its Pilot-scale Fermentation


Xiaole XIA1,2*,Hailing YANG1,2,Yuji LI1,2,Ling ZHANG1,2,Yu XIN1,2,Wu WANG1,2 1.School of Biotechnology,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China;2.Key Laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology,Ministry of Education,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China


School of Biotechnology,Jiangnan University;Key Laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology,Ministry of Education,Jiangnan University;


[Objective] This study aimed to explore the effect of C/N ratio on DHA production by Schizochytrium sp.,and the results were verified by pilot-scale fermentation.[Method] Effect of C/N ratio on DHA production by Schizochytrium sp.JN-3 was explored.The industrial fermentation potential of Schizochytrium sp.JN-3 was investigated by pilot-scale fermentation in a 200 L fermentation tank.[Result] Results of fermentation in a 7 L fermentation tank showed that the maximum biomass and total lipid content were 34.3 and 20.1 g/L,respectively,when C/N ratio was 10;the maximum DHA yield was 46.9% when C/N ratio was 20.When pilot-scale fermentation was conducted in a 200 L fermentation tank,the biomass was 30.2 g/L,total lipid content was 18.4 g/L,accounting for 63.2% of the dry weight of cells;DHA content was 7.4 g/L,accounting for 40.2% of the total lipid content.[Conclusion] Schizochytrium sp.JN-3 has good industrial fermentation potential.


Schizochytrium sp.;DHA;C/N ratio;Pilot-scale fermentation


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