Comparative study of penetration performances of two steel projectiles impacting steel plates


L.Wang;F.C Wang.;H.N.Cai;L Wang;


<正> This paper presents a comparative study where the main objective is to investigate the different penetration performances and microstructure development of hollow projectiles made of either 35CrMnSi or bainite steel impacting A3 steel plates. Powder gun were used to carry out normal impact tests at a velocity range of 600~800m/s respectively. It was found that thicking, mass erosion and adiabatic shear band existed in each projectile. At the same striking velocity(800m/s), 35CrMnSi and bainite steel projectiles had similar ballistic performances. 35CrMnSi deformed or eroded less comparing with bainite steel due to the relatively higher strength. Bainite steel can be used as a projectile material.


Penetration,hollow projectile,bainite steel,ASB


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