Study on Powdered Emulsified Explosive


WANG Xuguang, WANG Guoli, ZHANG Xiaozhi KANG Tingzhang, LI Zhiqiang, CAO Haifeng (Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Beijing, 100044 , China)


<正> A new powdered ammonium nitrate explosive-Powdered Emulsified Explosive (PEE) is presented. It possesses the unique structure of oxidizer phase-in-oil, which makes it has the remarkable advantages of both Emulsion Explosive (EE) and powdered explosive. In this paper, the formulation and the preparation technology of the explosive are expounded, the property characteristics of the explosive is analyzed. At the same time, the broad prospects spreading this technology and the good economic performance brought by manufacturing this explosive is pointed out.


Powdered emulsified explosive; Preparation technology; Property characteristics; Economic performance


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