Rheological and Heat Transfer Characterizations of Non-Newtonian Fluid Falling Film Evaporation Process


Zhijun Liu, Fengxia Liu, Qicai Shi, Futao Sun Department of Chemical Machinery, Dalian University of Technology, 158-41 Zhongshan Road, Dalian 116012, China.


<正> A set of experimental equipment was established for falling film evaporation. The aqueous CMC (carboxymethylcellulo) solution was used to simulate the non-Newtonian fluid that obeys the power law model. Effects of rheology of the non-Newtonian fluid on heat transfer were investigated experimentally. A theoretical model was developed and coupling characteristics between rheology and heat transfer were described in non-Newtonian environmental fluid falling film evaporation process. The different theoretical models were established for the developing region and the fully developed region in this evaporation process, respectively. Using finite difference method and shooting method obtains the simulating calculations. Furthermore, by introduced the generalized Reynolds number and the Prandtl number, which includes the necessary physical properties of the non-Newtonian fluid, a correlation about the Nusselt number was proposed for non-Newtonian fluid falling film evaporation process.


non-Newtonian fluid, rheology, heat transfer, falling film evaporation.


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