Experiments Research of the Polymer Solution Viscoelasticity


Huifen Xia, Dan Li, Wenxiang Ma Petroleum Engineering collage of Daqing Petroleum Institute, Daqing, Heilongjiang, 163318, P.R. China Office of Daqing Petroleum School, Daqing, Heilongjiang, 163310, P.R. China


<正> In this paper, loss modulus and storage modulus of polymer solution with different concentration and relative molecular weight are studied and the relationship between them is analyzed through steady and dynamic shear experiments. The first normal stress difference at low angular rate is calculated based on loss modulus and storage modulus, and combined it with the first normal stress difference obtained by steady shear flow experiments at high shear rate. The first normal stress differences at a wider range of shear rate can be obtained and the relationship of the first normal stress differences and shear rate is set up.


polymer solution, rheological characteristic, viscoelasticity, shear flowing, first normal stress difference.


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