Porous Boundary Condition as a Source of Drag for Three-Dimensional Rotating Body of Revolution,Slender Body


Khaled Alhussan;


The work to be presented herein is a Computational Fluid Dynamics investigation of the complex fluid mechanisms that occur over slender body with using a porous boundary condition as decelerator,specifically with regard to the total aerodynamic drag. Drag is needed to decelerate the body. The aim of this research is to design deceleration devices for rotating slender body. The results will show that adding a deceleration device will change the flow structure around and behind the body especially with regard to viscous drag the pressure drag and wake. Results of path lines of stream function for zero angles of attack will demonstrate that the aerodynamic forces and the velocity are changed when the porous boundary condition is integrated with the slender body. The direction of the injected velocity is varied from normal to the surface to parallel to the flow. The injected velocity is change from zero to twice the speed of the body. The body is moving with speed of Mach number of 0.2. The angular speed of the body was constant and the numerical value was chosen to be 10,000RPM. The results indicated that the use of the normal velocity boundary condition to will add more drag to the body.


Viscous flow,boundary layer separation,deceleration devices,numerical analysis,total drag.


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