The Study of Determinacy of Asymmetric Vortices over Slender Body at Post-Critical Reynolds Numbers


W.Tian,X.Y.Deng~*,B.Wu,Y.K.Wang Ministry-of-Education Key Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics,Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Beijing 100083,China


<正>An artificial transition technique of setting transition wires on both side of a pointed-ogive cylinder with the nose fineness ratio 3.0 was used to simulate the post-critical Reynolds numbers flow at high incidence in low-speed wind tunnel.The results based on this artificial transition technical indicate that the indeterminacy of asymmetric vortices aroused by nose-tip imperfection resulted from machining tolerance still exists in post-critical Reynolds numbers flow.The indeterminacy of asymmetric vortices can be eliminated by adding the micro-triangle block artificial perturbation with thickness of 0.2mm to the nose-tip,and the artificial perturbation on nose-tip can promote the asymmetric vortices into bistable state atα=50°.When the results of artificial perturbations with various thicknesses are combined,it is indicated that the intensity of artificial perturbation must be considered when it was just used to eliminate the indeterminacy of asymmetric vortices.


high angle of attack;;slender body;;asymmetric vortices;;post-critical Reynolds numbers


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