<正>A literature survey is first presented on the use of spherical vessels for the containment of explosions.Both single-use and multiple-use vessels are discussed. Then,simple expressions for the instability failure strains of spherical shells are developed herein.It is found that the instability associated with impulsive loading is of an entirely different nature than that associated with static internal pressurization. Next,the case of overdriven spherical vessels is reviewed.An investigation of one numerical example of a containment vessel over a range in HE charge sizes suggests that the influence of the long-term pressure loading term may become significant in comparison to the impulse term at higher relative charge sizes.Finally,‘Strain growth',the late-time buildup in peak strains that occurs after several cycles of oscillation of spherical shells,is reviewed and its origin is discussed.


explosion containment;;spherical shell;;strain growth;;instability;;ECV


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