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<正>A finite element model,termed BLAST,was developed.The model utilizes Biot's theory for the propagation of elastic waves through porous media.The said theory is combined with a continuity equation derived by the author and a constitutive cap model proposed by Chen and Baladi.The adopted state variables are the displacement of the solid particles,the relative displacement of the fluid particles with respect to the solids and the pore water pressure.Bubnov-Galerkin method was used to discretize the field equations and the Newmark scheme was used to integrate the finalized ordinary differential equation.The developed model can predict the response of saturated soils subjected to compressive impact loads.The model is capable of analyzing one-dimensional,two-dimensional plane strain and axi-symmetric problems.In this article,comparison between the model's prediction of a series of laboratory and field impact tests are presented.Such comparisons demonstrated the capacity of the model to predict the pore water pressures generated due to impact compressive Ioadings.In addition,the impact of the maximum volumetric plastic strains,a parameter required by the cap mode,on the predicted residual pore pressures is,also,investigated.


Impact Loading;;Pore Water Pressure;;Liquefaction Potential;;Saturated soils


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