Yongxiang Dong~*,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Shunshan Feng,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Zhiyu Shao,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Chao Wang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China


<正>The armed steel target impacted vertically by tungsten spheres with different initial velocities and masses was studied by experiments.The macroscopic properties of crater are analyzed by the shape features of crater,the size dimension of crater, cracks along the penetration tunnel and the characteristics of recovered tungsten spheres.Meanwhile,the microscopic properties of crater are also investigated by the microstructures and the microhardness test of the target.The experimental results show that the ratio of the crater diameter to the diameter of tungsten sphere,and the ratio of the crater depth to the crater diameter both descend with the mass at the same initial velocity of tungsten sphere.The number of cracks of target rises with the velocity and mass of tungsten sphere.From the microstructure,the Vickers hardness increases firstly and then goes down along radial direction of crater.The theologic behavior is heavy near the edge of crater.The number of shear bands decreases as the velocity and mass increase,but the shear bands become long and wide in size.


tungsten sphere;;impact;;steel target;;calibration;;experimental analysis


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