Jinbiao Fan~*,North University of China,China, Peng Xu,Chinese Academy of Sciences,China Qingfeng Li,North University of China,China


<正>Hopkinson bar is suitable experimental equipment for the calibration of a high g accelerometer.The wave form of the accelerometer output signal may be affected by the stress wave interactions at the interfaces both between the sensor and the mounted base of the accelerometer and between the Hopkinson bar and the mounted base.In order to calibrate the high g accelerometer to obtain its sensitivity and amplitude-frequency characteristic,a set of high g acceleration calibration system is developed.It composes of a titanium alloy(TC4) Hopkinson bar of 1.6 m length and 16 mm diameter,the cylindrical shell projectile of 30 mm diameter, various types of projectile heads and tails,a small air gun with up to 1.0 MPa working pressure to launch the shell projectile,the adjustable pads with different material such as aluminum alloy,copper,engineering plastic,Laser Doppler interferometer and other measurement apparatus.In experiment,three types of shell projectiles with different conical tips impacted the adjusting pads made of two different materials to generate accelerations.Accelerations were measured by Laser Doppler interferometer,which together with the accelerometer output signal and strain gauge signal were stored in computer and analyzed.Meanwhile,finite element software ANSYS-LS-DYNA had been used to simulate the dynamic response of the Hopkinson bar system.It is shown that the output signal of accelerometer can be adjusted by using different adjusting pads and employing different taper heads and end shapes of the shell projectile.When a soft pad is used,i.e.its elastic modulus and yield stress is lower,and the taper is small,the amplitude of acceleration will diminish and its duration will be longer.


Hopkison bar;;high g acceleration;;stress wave;;calibration


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