Haipeng Liu~*,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Shiqiao Gao,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Lei Jin,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Xinjian Liang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China


<正>Using the cavity expansion theory,Forrestal et al.give the penetration resistance model on the projectile penetrating concrete and propose a half experiential and half analytical model according to the penetration experiments,in which the static strength term of the penetration resistance is replaced by a experimental variable,and the dynamic inertial term keeps initial form.However,there is some discrepancy in the downward part of deceleration curve in the subsequently experiments when compared the analytical results with experimental results.This paper proposed a kind of modified model,in which the experimental coefficients P~* and K are introduced in the model. The coefficients P~* and K can be determined by the experimental penetration depth and the peak of deceleration and relevant time.The results calculated by this model are in good agreement with the experiment from literature[5].


Forrestal model;;penetration;;concrete


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