Yan Liu~*,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Fenglei Huang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Zhenyu Zhang,National University of Defense Technology,China


<正>The numerical simulation for explosion in concrete and soil is performed in this paper by using the three-dimension finite element code LS-DYNA,into which the continuum damage model which can well describe the fracture of concrete is implemented.As a consequence,wave propagation and attenuation in concrete and on the soil-concrete interface are obtained,respectively.Moreover,the damage regions of concrete at different thickness of soil(TOS) and depth of charge(DOC) are procured.The existent soil reduces the damage region of concrete.There exits an optimal DOC to cause maximal damage region of concrete,when TOS is constant. The numerical results will provide reference for the design of warhead and protective structure and blasting.


Concrete;;soil;;damage;;explosion;;numerical simulation


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