Zhiyuan Mei~*,Naval University of Engineering,China Bo Deng,Naval University of Engineering,China Chuyu Ren,Naval University of Engineering,China Hailiang Hou,Naval University of Engineering,China


<正>Owing to the explosion resistance ability of transverse bulkhead is vital for naval ships in sea battle,the damage mode and failure mechanism of stiffened grillage,as the main pattern of the longitudinal watertight(WT) bulkhead,are studied firstly.The dominate damage mode of stiffened grillage subject to certain blast loading is that tearing along the boundary of the grillage and the root of stiffener.On account of the double layers bulkhead (DLB),especial the back plate,can avoid the possibility of the blast loading and stress concentrations at the boundary and the corner of the grillage,three DLB configures are development to evaluate their ability of blast resistance,which includes the two plating is joined by the flat plating(□type),the cylindrical shell vertical(□type) and horizontal(□type). The failure mode and dynamical characteristics of energy absorbing for the three types DLB with same gross weight subjected to blast loading have been researched and analyzed.The results show that the DLB has more flexible designable potential than single layer stiffened grillage.Under the blast impact loading,the typical damage mode of vertical cylinder inⅡtype structure is axial crushed step by step,and there are large inelastic deformation of entire structure,and the back plate deforms together with face plate and cylinder.It is consider that theⅡtype structure possess the most promising configuration among those DLB in this paper resisting blast impact loading.Due to the difference of dynamical bending stiffness between joint components and the face plate,the dominate failure mode ofⅠtype structure is that the face plate is tore along the boundary of the connective flat plate,and the energy absorbed efficiency is lowest among the three double configure.ForⅢtype structure,the dominate failure mode is the adaptive contact erode between the face plate and horizontal cylinder,the rupture energy inⅢtype structure is predominate,so the gross absorbing energy is high,but the back plate can't move with face plate and cylinder together.And the pivotal energy absorbing mechanism is its maximal space between two plates.Based on the study of the dynamical response and the characteristic of energy absorbing for DLB under exploding impact loading,the design principles of bulkhead structure for anti-explosion have been brought out in the end.


explosive mechanic;;Naval ship's bulkhead structure;;numerical simulation;;protective mechanism


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