<正>Protection galleries are important structures to reduce the risk caused by falling rocks.In Switzerland about 350 galleries are in use for that purpose.The aim of the tests described in this paper is to gain experimental data to improve the design methods for rock fall galleries. A series of rock fall impact tests on six reinforced concrete slabs with a cushion layer consisting of compacted gravel was performed.Concrete cubes of 800 kg and 4000 kg,respectively,were dropped with different falling heights.Special cushion systems consisting of high-tensile steel wire mesh and cellular glass were tested. The relevant data to describe the dynamic processes in the structure are the measured reaction forces at the supports,the accelerations in the boulder and in the slab as well as the strains at the upper slab surface and in the reinforcement.In addition the impacts were recorded by high speed cameras.This paper describes the conducted impact tests in an outdoor rock fall testing area.


rock fall impact;;large-scale tests;;cushion system;;cellular glass;;reinforced concrete slabs


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