Yanchao Shi~*,Tianjin University,China;The University of Western Australia,Australia Hong Hao,The University of Western Australia,Australia;Tianjin University,China Zhong-Xian Li,Tianjin University,China


<正>Pressure-impulse(P-I) diagrams are commonly used in the preliminary design or assessment of protective structures to establish safe response limits for given blastloading scenarios.The pressure-impulse diagrams of structure components can be derived from either the simplified SDOF model analysis,detailed numerical model analysis,or experimental tests.The damage criterion used is usually related to structural deflections,or residual load carrying capacity as proposed by the authors in a recent study.In all the previous derivations of P-I diagrams,the inevitable variations or uncertainties in blast loading,structural conditions such as geometry, dimension,stiffness and strength,which all significantly affect the structure ability in resisting blast loads,are not considered.In this paper,3D numerical simulations of a reinforced concrete(RC) column with statistically varying properties under blast loading are conducted.The damage criterion depending on the residual capacity is used to define column damage.With the numerical results,an analytical method proposed by the authors in a recent study to generate pressure-impulse diagram for RC column is used to construct statistical P-I diagrams.The statistical pressure-impulse curves for a group of commonly used RC columns are generated and presented in this paper.These statistical pressure-impulse curves allows for a probabilistic prediction of column performance to blast loading.They can be used in risk analysis of structure damages to blast loads.


reinforced concrete(RC) column;;pressure-impulse diagram;;blast loading;;analytical formula;;statistic analysis


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