Yanze Song~*,Taiyuan University of Technology,China Zhiqiang Li,Taiyuan University of Technology,China Longmao Zhao,Taiyuan University of Technology,China Jinyang Zheng,Zhejiang University,China


<正>The dynamic responses of the discrete multilayered wound ribbon vessels(DMWRVs) subjected to internal explosion loading are numerically simulated using the code LS-DYNA3D.Three types of DMWRVs with different winding angles including 10°,15°and 20°are investigated.The sizes and material parameters of the finite element models(FEMs) of vessels are identical to those of the vessels which were experimentally studied.All components of vessels are modeled by elastic-plastic constitute material.The effect of strain rate and interlayer friction on FEMs are considered.Hexahedron brick elements and quadrilateral shell elements are employed in the FEMs.To verify the FEMs developed,the numerical results are compared with these of experiments and theoretical analysis.In addition,numerical results of DMWRVs are also compared with these of a monobloc thick-walled high pressure vessel.Numerical results show that the bigger winding angle is,the bigger the residual displacement of outermost layer is when DMWRVs are loaded using the same equivalent weight TNT.It is also found that the DMWRV has excellent property of explosion assistance,which there is not for the monobloc thick-walled high pressure vessel.The results are valuable to establish design criteria of the explosion containment vessels.


discrete multilayered wound ribbon vessels;;explosion loading;;dynamic response;;numerical simulation


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