Enling Tang~*,Beijing Institute of Technology China & Shenyang Ligong University,China Qingming Zhang,Beijing Institute of Technoloy,China Jian Zhang,Shenyang Ligong University,China


<正>Magnetic effect is one of the most important effects of plasma generated by hypervelocity impact,which has been attached importance to international astronavigation field.Research work was carried out in the conditions of absence of technical storage in homeland and few documents obtained from foreign countries. We have built the experimental system of plasma produced and diagnosed in the backward ejected matter during hypervelocity impact.We detailed expound system configuration,diagnostic system design,coil design and the choices of coherent corollary equipments and system calibration.We acquired the magnetic induction intensity characteristic at different given coil positions and azimuth angles,which were performed at two-stage light gas gun.In the conditions of incidence angles were 30°,45°,60°and 90°respective,impact velocities were approximately equal,We obtained the relationships of magnetic induction intensity induced by plasma generated by hypervelocity impact and impact angles at different time spans. Experimental results also show that the average magnetic induction intensity of plasma generated at incidence angle of 90°is larger than the magnetic induction intensity at incidence angles of 45°and 60°respective.At different time span in early stage of impact,the relationship of magnetic induction intensity at incidence angle of 30°is not obvious.


hypervelocity impact;;plasma;;magnetic induction intensity


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