Fang Wang~*,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Shunshan Feng,Beijing Institute of Technology,China


<正>The theoretical and experimental works on the large plastic deformation of the fully clamped square plate subject to the explosive loading are presented.The iso-damage curve based on the over-pressure & impulse criterion is described and derived in detail.It states that the damage effect of a blast wave on a target is determined both by the overpressure and the impulse,which is more reasonable than the overpressure criterion or the impulse criterion to evaluate the damage power of the explosive loading to the structures.Along with the different explosive masses and different distances to the plate of the explosive,the experiments on the fully clamped square plates subject to the explosive loading are carried out.The specific expressions of the iso-damage curves corresponding to the different deformation degree of 1mm thick square plate are determined.The research result can be used for the damage effect analysis of the explosive loading to the buildings and other structures.


over-pressure & impulse criteria;;iso-damage curve;;explosive loading;;plate


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