L.Wang~*,Beijing Institute of Technology,China W.X.Zhang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China C.W.Tan,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Lu Wang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China X.H.Zheng,Beijing Institute of Technology,China S.Y.Yang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China


<正>Energy absorption is an important issue for magnesium alloys in many industrial applications due to its low-density property.However,researches are mainly focus on structure responses and few on material effects.The study on the material effects on the dynamic behaviors requires investigation in order to expand magnesium alloys' potential uses. In this paper,compressive properties and energy absorption of AZ31 rolled magnesium alloys are introduced.In particularly,the effects of grain sizes on the properties at strain rates range from 10~(-4)s~(-1) to 10~3s~(-1) are detailed.Compression Split Hopkinson Bar is used to carry out dynamic compression tests.The results show that grain sizes from 11μm to 47μm are obtained through different rolling and annealing procedures.AZ31 magnesium alloys exhibit strain rate hardening effect at high strain rates.The alloys with smaller grain sizes usually show higher ultimate compression strength than those with larger ones.Finally,the effects of grain size and microstructures on the dynamic behaviors and energy absorptions of AZ31 magnesium alloy are discussed.


AZ31 magnesium alloy;;high strain rate;;energy absorption;;grain size


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