Shuyou Wang~*,Beijing institute of Technology,China Jianwei Jiang,Beijing institute of Technology,China Jianbing Men,Beijing institute of Technology,China


<正>Tandem warhead is one trend of the development of anti-concrete warheads, which is composed by the precursory shaped charge and the following kinetic energy projectile(KE projectile).The most damage effect of the tandem warhead is determined by the matching parameters of two stages.In this paper,penetration of KE projectile against predamaged concretes is studied.A model of KE projectile with various head shape to predamaged concrete is set up on the basis of modified cavity expansion theory.How the pre-damage concrete crater's strength weakening degree of damaged zone affect the penetration effect is researched.The influence of various hypotheses about strength weakening of the damaged zone to the penetrating depth is analyzed,and the linear weakening hypothesis is proved to be more close to the experiment result.


Tandem Warheads;;Kinetic Energy Projectile;;Predamaged;;Penetration


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