Jianhua Xiao~*,Henan Polytechnic University,China


<正>Under impact loading in middle position,the cutting problem of one-dimensional plane structure(with two fixed edges) is studied in this research.The impact loading is supplied by a flying plane with narrow cut-in edge.After the front cut-in edge goes through the structure,the impact loading is maintained by the friction between the flying plane and the fracture face of structure for a short time.Then the plane is rested in the structure fracturing zone or passes though the structure.In practical problems, it is required to determine the deformation and fracture of structure by the velocity-mass parameter and the geometry of impact load.In this research,the deformation of structure is characterized by the deflection angular in the fracture position.The deformation stress is balanced by the acceleration force of flying plane through the friction coupling.The related impact-fracture equations are formulated in this research.The final equation shows the deflection angular of the structure is completely determined by the mechanical parameters of structure,the mass of flying plane,the friction parameter between the flying plane and the fracturing face of the structure,and the initial velocity of impact.When the friction parameter is taken as one,the equation can be used to evaluate the risk of fracturing for given initial velocity and mass.Generally,the obtained equation is non-linear.For simple case,analytical results are obtained to explain the cutting phenomenon.


cutting;;impact load;;deflection angular;;fracturing;;impact-fracture equation


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