M.Yazid Yahya;W.J.Cantwell;G.S.Langdon;G.N.Nurick;


<正>This paper presents the results of a large number of blast tests on a range of carbon fibre-reinforced poly-ether-imide(PEI),carbon-fibre reinforced epoxy and glass fibre reinforced PEI composites.Blast testing was undertaken on a ballistic pendulum facility.Delamination,Iocalised fibre buckling,fibre fracture and shear failure at the boundary of the clamped plates were identified as the failure mechanisms in the laminates,with their severity depending on the panel thickness and the applied impulse. Delamination was very Iocalised along the centre plane of the laminate,due to the very high interlaminar fracture toughness of these composites.The impulse to initiate rear surface fibre fracture was observed to increase rapidly with laminate thickness.The impulses associated with the onset of rear-surface fibre fracture and complete failure of the target were similar,suggesting that rear surface fibre fracture is a pre-cursor to complete failure in these laminates.Tests on the carbon fibre reinforced epoxy indicated that it offers a similar blast resistance to its carbon fibre counterpart.


Composite;;panel;;blast loading;;failure;;laminates


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