Yanchun Zhang,China Criminal Police Institute,China Zhongqi Wang,Beijing Institute of Technology,China Chunhua Bao,Beijing Institute of Technology,China


<正>Car-bombing was a very common way used by the terrorists in the attack.The characteristics of the explosion field generated by the car-bombing were very important for the protective structure design and the diagnosis of the accident.In this paper some field tests on the car-bombing were reported firstly.Through site observation,some characteristics of the explosion field were found.Then a simulation model was set up to analyze the car-bomb explosion.In the calculation,the car was modeled as its real drawing.The disassembly of the car body was simulated.And the influences on the explosion field by the interaction between the explosive product and car body was analyzed.Other factors which would affect the pressure distribution of the explosion field,such as the weight and location of charge,were also discussed.


explosion field;;car-bombing;;terrorism attack


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