Xiaoyu Ji~*,Inst.of Structural Mechanics,China Academy of Engineering Physics,China Yongchi Li,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei,China Xicheng Huang,lnst.of Structural Mechanics,China Academy of Engineering Physics,China Gang Chen,lnst.of Structural Mechanics,China Academy of Engineering Physics,China


<正>Particle searching over the whole calculating field makes the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method time-consuming.A coupled method of SPH and Lagrangian finite element(FE) is investigated to solve this problem in this paper.The coupled FE-SPH simulation applied to high-velocity impact problem shows that it can reduce calculating time efficiently,compared to single SPH method.At the same time,the experiments and FE-SPH simulations of truncated-conical projectiles penetrating steel plates are carried out in this paper.The results show that the coupled FE-SPH method can clearly simulate the whole petaling deformation of normal impact and the forward-backward petaling deformation of oblique impact.


Smoothed particle hydrodynamics;;Coupled FE-SPH method;;High-velocity impact;;Petaling deformation


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