<正>Structures may buckle under dynamic loading.Generally,solutions of equations of motion for the structure can be solved under different load parameters to obtain the dynamic buckling load of the structure. However,the solution from the equation of motion for the dynamic buckling analysis of structures is much more difficult than using the equation of equilibrium for a static buckling analysis.Some structures have a nonlinear primary equilibrium path with bifurcation and/or limit points and post-bifurcation and/or pots-limit point unstable equilibrium paths.When such a structure is suddenly loaded,the load will cause the structure to oscillate about a n equilibrium point.If the load is sufficiently large,the oscillation of the structure may reach the unstable equilibrium path and the structure experiences an escaping-motion type of buckling.For these structures,complete solutions of the equations of motion are usually not needed for a dynamic buckling analysis, and what is really sought is the critical states for the buckling.Nonlinear dynamic buckling of a two degree-of-freedom arch model is investigated thoroughly using an energy approach in this paper.The conditions for the upper and lower dynamic buckling loads are presented.The merit of the energy approach for dynamic buckling is that it allows the dynamic buckling load to be determined without needing to solve the equations of motion.The solutions are compared with those by an equation of motion approach.


Nonlinear;;dynamic buckling;;bifurcation;;limit point;;sudden load of infinite duration;;energy conservation;;escaping-motion


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