N.Zhang~1,B.C.Wen~2 and F.L.Chu~1 1 Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology,Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084,China 2 School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation,Northeastern University,Shenyang 110004,China


<正>Self-synchronization and synchronic-drive vibration have been successfully applied in many engineering fields.An in-phase self-synchronous vibrating system is put forward.Based on Lagrange principle,a dynamic model is derived to give its electromechanical-coupling model,which is provided with many variable no-linear characters,and based on the model,a simulation model is developed using Matlab/Simulink.Based on numerical value simulation with system mathematics model,the variational rules of the system parameters for vibratory machines at several types of the typical states are discussed.The simulation results showed visually the processes in which the vibratory machines implement fully the transition from asynchronous to synchronous state or from one type of synchronous state to other type,which the conventional mechanic models are unavailable to explain quantitatively.It testified to be provided with the characteristic of in-phase synchronization for the synchronization vibrating system,and to resume self-synchronization ability.Thus,the characteristics of self-synchronous vibration of vibrating system are revealed to provide a theoretical basis for designing similar products.


nonlinear vibration;;vibration synchronization;;self-synchronization;;in-phase synchronization;;electromechanical-coupling model


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