Piezoelectric and electrostrictive displacements of(1-x) Na_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_(3-x)K_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3 thin films under the bipolar driving filed


Jiaoyun Liu;Xuejun Zheng;


<正>(1- x)Na_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3-xK_(0.5)Bi_(0.5)TiO_3(NBT-KBT100x) thin films with x = 0.15,0.18,0.20,0.25 were fabricated by metal-organic decomposition at annealing temperature 700℃,and ferroelectric, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of NBT-KBT100x thin films were characterized.The piezoelectric displacements and


NBT;Piezoelectric and electrostrictive displacements of;Na;x)K;TiO_3 thin films under the bipolar driving filed;Bi;


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