Optimization of South China 5 Cassava-Leucaena Protein Feed Production by Kombucha in Solid-State Fermentation


LUO Chang-hui~1,2,DAN Zhong~2,ZHAO Kai~2,FU Nai-fang~2,LEI Bo-lin~2,JIANG Sheng-jun~2* 1.College of Agronomy,Hainan University,Danzhou 571737,China;2.Tropical Crops Genetic Resources Institute,Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences,Danzhou 571737,China


[Objective] To optimize solid-state fermentation of South China 5(SC5) cassava-leucaena protein feed by kombucha.[Method] The SC5 cassava-leucaena protein feed was fermented by kombucha.The fermentation conditions were optimized.[Result] The optimum conditions of solid-state fermentation were as follows:cassava and leucaena weight ratio,7:3;fermentation time,6 d;kombucha volume,10 ml;fermentation temperature,30 °C;and water volume,200 ml.The content of crude protein in feed was substantially increased and reached 23.64%.[Conclusion] The optimized fermentation process greatly improves utilization of the SC5 cassava-leucaena protein feed.


Cassava;Leucaena leucocephala(Lam.) de Wit;Kombucha;Crude protein


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