Numerical analysis of temperature rise by throttling and deformation in spool valve


JI Hong,CAO Yong,WANG Zhengrong,WANG Yang College of Energy and Power Engineering,Lanzhou University of Technology,China


Three-dimensional flow field,temperature field and thermal deformation of solid in spool valve with notches and without notches was calculated by using software FLUENT and ANSYS.The numerical results showed that the temperature distribution of fluid and solid was nonuniform in the spool valve.The temperature of the jet flow close to the solid wall was high,and the temperature in the center of the jet flow was low.In addition,the highest temperature located on the solid wall near to the orifice and on the wall in valve chamber impacted by the jet.The maximum deformation in spool and valve body caused by the temperature rise could come up to several microns,and there was an overall bending deformation in the spool and valve body.These two types of deformation could directly lead to the phenomenon of spool clamping.


spool valve,notch,temperature rise,deformation, numerical analysis


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