Effect of regional trade agreements on the linkage of trade in value added: an empirical analysis based on service trade


LIU Hongkui


Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Based on a systematic summary of the development trends and correlation of regional trade agreements and global value chains, the author suggests theoretical mechanisms and transmission routes of RTAs influencing the linkage of trade in value added and empirically studies the effect of linkage of TiVA in the service industry by the latest intermediate product gravity model and data on linkage of TiVA for the first time. The research has the following findings. (1) Whether for aggregate service industries or for subdivided industries, RTAs can significantly enhance linkage of TiVA among member states. (2) The estimated results with different types of RTAs distinguished show that such an enhancing effect may increase and become stronger with the openness of RTAs; that is, European Union-type RTAs and RTAs in the form of negative lists have more enhancing effects than the RTAs in the form of positive lists. (3) The estimates results on three types of different bilateral country configurations show that only the RTAs among developing countries as well as those between developed and developing countries have significant enhancing effects, while those among developed countries have no significant enhancing effects. Robustness testing further verifies the above conclusions. This paper finally provides proper policy suggestions and measures.


regional trade agreements;trade in value added;global value chains;gravity model


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