Influences of Preheating Temperature on Crackles Induced by Laser Re-melting Hard Coatings


Q.L. Deng, A.M. Xie, J.L. Song and Z.J. Ge School of Mechanical & Power Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, shanghai, P.R.C.


<正>Laser re-melting is a very important technology of materials surface modification. But crackles occur more easily when very hard coating such as Ni60 alloy is re-melted with laser. In this paper, the influences of preheating temperature on crackles induced by laser re-melting have been experimentally researched. From experiments, the preheating temperature in which the crackles can be eliminated completely has been found. According to the direction of crackles extending, the mechanisms of inducing crackles in laser re-melting have been analyzed. Through the experimental researching, the proper processing parameters of laser re-melting hard coatings have been found. With these processing parameters, a actual application of laser re-melting a roll has been carried out and the quality of laser re-melting is satisfied.


thermal spraying, hard coatings, laser re-melting, crackles.


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