Integrated procedure for shape and topology optimization of shell structures




<正>The global scope of this work is to develop an integrated shape and topology optimization system for the optimum design of shell structures, which are now finding widespread use in aeronautical, automotive, civil and mechanical engineering. The proposed investigation project aims to progress on a brand new work line which has captured the mind of many researchers: the shape and topology optimization for "Computer Aided Optimal Design" [1]. This project is based on the combination of shape and topology optimization techniques, with the aim of finding the optimal shape and material distribution that maximizes the stiffness of the shell. Most research in the last decades considered both optimization techniques separately, seeking an initial optimal topology and refining the shape of the solution later [2]. The method implemented in this work uses a combined approach, were the shape of the shell structure and material distribution are optimized simultaneously. This formulation involves a variable ground structure for topology optimization, since the shape of the shell is modified in the course of the process. The presented method will enhance the exploration of better designs for carrying the applied loads, due to the ability of optimizing not only the shape of the structure, but also the material distribution over the shell. This technique would provide the designer with a tool which would help to conceive the best configuration of the element considered in each situation. The method has been implemented into a general optimization software called ODESSY, developed at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in Aalborg. The computational model was successfully tested in several numerical applications to illustrate and validate the approach, discussing the efficiency and feasibility of the method.


Shell structure, optimization, topology, homogenization.


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