Petrological, Geochemical and the Origin of the Cuobuzha Peridotite in the Western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone


FENG Guangying;YANG Jingsui;XIONG Fahui;LIU Fei;NIU Xiaolu;LIAN Dongyang;WANG Yunpeng;ZHAO Yijue;


<正>Ophiolites are fragments of ancient oceanic lithosphere emplaced onto continental margins,accretionary prisms,or island arcs during plate collisions(Dilek and Furnes,2011).The well-preserved ophiolitic sequence provides important information on melt extraction,melting,and melt-rock interaction in the upper mantle of paleo-oceanic lithosphere(e.g.Kelemen et al.,1992;Zhou et al.,2005;Arai et al.,2007;Dilek et al.,2007;Dai et al.,2011),and


rock;Petrological;Geochemical and the Origin of the Cuobuzha Peridotite in the Western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone;


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