XDL Cement Manufacture Technology of High Solid-Gas Mass Ratio




<正>A new type of cement manufacture process of high silid-gas ratio process named XDL Technology has been developed in China,which greatly improves the momentum,heat and mass tranfer as well as the reaction process between solid to gas in suspension preheater and calciner,and the waste gas from the cooler and the preheater are fully used for cement grinding and preparation of raw meal.The many years industrial productions have revealed that XDL Technology is a breakthrough in cement production progress,with clinker quality is heightened by 15%over NSP system,thermal consumption decreased by 20%,electricity consumption reduced by 15%,clinker output increased by 44%,SO_2 emission reduced by 75%,and NOx reduced by 58%.This paper gives a brief introduction of the theoretical system.based on which XDL technology was invented,as well as the technique strategy,advantages,and the practice cases of XDL Technology.


Cement;;XDL technology;;Preheating and calcining;;High solid-gas mass ratio;;High thermal efficiency;;Low emission of harmful gases


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