Effect of Thixotropy on Performance of Self-Consolidating Concrete




<正>Several properties of self-consolidating concrete(SCC) are affected by the thixotropic behavior of the material,including segregation resistance,lateral pressure exerted by the concrete,and the bond strength between successive lifts of concrete cast without any mechanical consolidation.This paper discusses the rheological behavior of SCC and presents a number of proven,field-oriented test methods that can be employed to evaluate thixotropy,or the structural build-up of the concrete at rest.The paper highlights(he positive aspects of thixotropy where SCC with higher thixotropy can reduce the initial lateral pressure exerted by SCC and increases the rate of pressure drop after casting.ft also highlights the negative aspects of thixotropy that affects bond strength across a joint in multi-layer casting.Prediction models to predict both the formwork pressure of SCC and the residual bond strength from thixotropic properties of SCC evaluate using the field-oriented test methods are discussed.


Bond strength;;formwork pressure;;multi-layer casting rheology;;self-consolidating concrete;;structural build-up at rest;;thixotropy


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