Micro-Ice-Lens Model-Basis for Frost Action and Testing


Max J.Setzer;


<正>The contribution starts with the theoretical and experimental background of the micro-ice-lens model.It summarises:1) The surface physical aspects of a) non-freezing gel-pore water,of b) the change of disjoining freezing and c) the contracting pressures evolving from these effects during ice formation in adjoining larger pores which leads to frost shrinkage.2) The transport of water,heat and ions within the microstructure during this process.3) the transient,irreversible phenomena of heat and water transport in macrostructure which result in frost suction as primary process during a freeze-thaw cycle.The micro-ice-lens model is a solid basis for the design of adequate laboratory tests of freeze-thaw and de-icing salt resistance.The herewith developed RILEM Recommendations CDF test and GIF test meet the basic considerations of micro-ice-lens modes as well as needs of simplicity in handling and precision of test procedure.


Freeze-thaw de-icing attack;;micro-ice-lens model;;RILEM CDF test;;RILEM CIF test;;disjoining pressure


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