Chemical regulation of alite polymorphs to improve the property of clinker


Wensheng Zhang;Xuehong Ren;Jiayuan Ye;


<正>Tricalcium silicate(C_3S) solid solutions known as alites are the principle phase of clinker,responsible for strength development.C_3S exhibits a complex polymorphism depending on temperature or impurities.In this study,an attempt has been made to improve the property of clinker by the production of hydraulically favorable polymorphs of alite.To achieve this,the effects of various foreign ions doping such as Na~+、Mg~(2+) etc. especially their combined doping on the crystal structure and property of alite and clinker were investigated.For single doping,the relationships between the chemical structure parameters of substituent ions and the substitution patterns and abilities to stabilize the higher-temperature forms of C_3S have been established and quantified For typical alite with several foreign ions in combination,P3 exerts the most significant effect on the structure and property.The addition of 1%P_2O_5 in clinker promotes the stabilization of R-type alite,and markedly increase the 28d compressive strength of the clinker.


Alite;;Portland cement clinker;;Doping;;Polymorphism;;Compressive strength


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