Sustainability Aspects of Cement-based Material Blended with Micronized Sand


Wang Ying;Ye Guang;Klaas van Breugel;


<正>Concrete is one of the most important construction materials in the world.However, Portland cement,one of the constituents of concrete,is responsible for about 5-10%of global CO_2 emission.From smtainability point of view,it is important to search for materials which can be used to reduce or to replace Portland cement in concrete.In this study,micronized sand,with high purity SiO_2,has been selected as cement replacement. Environmental impact of micronized sand was evaluated and compared with Portland cement.The footprints showed that micronized sand has much less impact than cement on environment.In all categories of sustainability,the environmental impact of sand was 2 orders of magnitude lower than that of Portland cement.It was found that the use of micronized sand as cement replacement gave a big contribution in the category "global warming",i.e.reducing CO_2 emission. Originality Fillers,such as fly ash,silica fume,limestone filler and blastfurnace slag,are the most popular fillers in the concrete industry.However,some of them are not always economical,like silica fume.Fly ash contains trace concentrations of heavy metals and other substances that are known to be detrimental to health.Unlike these materials, quartz sand on the other hand,is the most abundant mineral in the Earth's continental crust.In this study,micronized sand,which is made by selected quartz sand and is purified both mechanically and chemically after extraction,is used This material has high purity of SiO_2(≥98%).As filler material in cement industry,micronized sand is quite new material,which is short of understanding and research.The impact of the modified material on the environment will be considered from the sustainability point of view.The positive effect of using micronized sand in view of reducing the ecological footprint in the cement-based material will be investigated


sustainability;;cement-based material;;micronized sand;;global warming;;CO_2;;emission


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