A Mix Adjustment Approach for Improvement of the Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete


Zhenhua Duan;Chi Sun Poon;


<正>Previous studies proved that recycled aggregates(RAs) derived from different sources show variable properties and the properties of recycled aggregated concrete(RAC) made with high quality RA can be comparable with that of natural aggregate concrete, but the properties of RAC made with a poor quality RA are relatively poorer.This paper reports on a study to improve both the mechanical and durability properties of RAC by carrying out slight adjustments to the mix proportions without the need to change the nature of aggregates or add any mineral admixtures.It is proposed that in order to maintain the same effective mix proportion,an appropriate amount of fine aggregate is required to be reduced and an equal volume of recycled coarse aggregate is required to be added to the concrete mix.Test results including compressive strength,density, resistance to chloride ion penetration,drying shrinkage all demonstrated the effectiveness of the mix proportion adjustment method proposed.


recycled aggregate;;recycled aggregate concrete;;mechanical and durability properties;;mix proportion


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