Effect of Bacteria on the Properties of Fly Ash Concrete


Siddique R;Kaur N C;


<正>This paper evaluates the influence of bacterium Sporoscarcina pasteurii on the compressive strength,water absorption and rapid chloride permeability of concrete made with and without fly ash at the age of 28 and 91 days.Cement was partially replaced with fly ash(10,20 and 30%) and three different cell concentrations(103,105, 107 cells/ml) of bacteria were used in making the concrete mixes along with control. Test results indicated thai inclusion of Sporoscarcina pasteurii in fly ash concrete enhanced the compressive strength(21.5%),reduced the porosity and permeability of fly ash concrete with 105 cells/ml of bacteria at 91 days.This improvement in compressive strength was due to deposition of calcite and bacterial spores within the pores which significantly reduces the chloride permeability of fly ash concrete.Thus, the present work highlights the usage of bacteria like Sporoscarcina pasteurii that improves strength and durability of concrete through self-healing effect.


Bacteria;;Compressive strength;;Concrete;;Durability;;Fly ash;;RCPT;;Water absorption


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