Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Properties of Concrete


Rui Ma;Chenchen Gong;Lingchao Lu;Shoude Wang;


<正>Aggregate,the main ingredient in concrete,makes a great effect on mechanical property, durability and economy of concrete.In this article,different aggregate gradations were obtained by getting the classified aggregates together according to Fuller distribution. Experimental investigations on mechanical property and durability of concrete with these aggregate gradations were presented.The results showed that the mechanical property and durability of concrete improved with aggregate size distribution optimized and the bulk density of aggregate increased.Compared with the common concrete sample,the total aggregate gradation that met Fuller distribution with h=0.33 were better than others,and the concrete with the optimization aggregate gradation had the best properties. Originality In this article,each aggregate was viewed as a sphere particle.The volume percentages of aggregates in size groups were calculated and then got them together according to Fuller distribution to obtain different aggregate gradations.The bulk densities of prepared aggregate gradations were tested Then the mechanical properly and durability of concrete with various aggregate gradations were investigated the relationship between bulk densities-compressive strength,bulk densities-water penetration depth and bulk densities-sulfate resistance coefficient were analyzed.


Concrete;;Aggregate;;Fuller distribution;;Bulk density;;Compressive strength;;Water permeability;;Resistance to sulfate attack


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