Study on the Resistance to Chloride Ion Permeability of Cement Modified by Calcium Acrylate


Lei Tian;Qi Wang;Peng Song;Fulan Wang;


<正>Our research team has proved that,adding calcium acrylate could enhance the mechanical performance of cement,improve the pore structure and increase the resistance to sulfate corrosion.In this paper,we chose the better samples to test the unsteady transfer coefficient of chloride ion in concrete using RCM method We added the solid calcium acrylate into cement to prepare concrete sample.Then we analyzed the micro-morphology of hydration products by scanning electron microscope(SEM) to study the mechanism of chloride ion permeability of cement modified by calcium acrylate. From the coefficient results we knew that,the transfer coefficients at different ages of G2 sample that the dosage of calcium acrylate was l.5wt%were lower than that of blank specimen and other specimens with different amount of calcium acrylate.This demonstrated that the resistance to chloride ion permeability of G2 sample is the best. From the photos of SEM we can see that,after curing 56 days the blank sample appeared obvious carbonization.There was much calcium carbonate in the specimen. But there were many tobermorites and polymers at interface between cement and aggregate in G2 sample after curing 28 days.The structure of concrete was much more tight.After curing 56 days,membraniform polymers were found clearly in G2 sample.These polymers adhered to the hydrations and aggregates tight.These polymers could prevent chloride ion from penetrating into concrete.These polymers still adhered to the hydrations and aggregates tight after curing 90 days.The structure of concrete was very close-grained All the analysis proved that adding calcium acrylate can improve the resistance to chloride ion permeability. Originality We did this work on the base of the research of our team.The resistance to chloride ion permeability is one of the most important performances of concrete,so this work is the supplement of cement/ calcium acrylate composite.We added the monomer instead of polymer into cement directly.Also,we used solid calcium acrylate which solved the store and transportation problems of calcium acrylate solution.This paper will provide theoretical basis for the application of cement/ calcium acrylate composite.


concrete;;resistance to chloride ion permeability;;unsteady transfer coefficient of chloride ion;;micro-morphology


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